Danny Mikati



Danny has made significant contributions towards the development of the youth of the South-West Sydney region through his many key roles including:

  • Operations Manager at the Australian National Sports Club (ANSC);
  • Crime Prevention Officer at Bankstown LAC; and,

  • Team Leader of Domestic Violence & Youth and

  • Community Engagement Specialist for the Southwest Metropolitan Region.

Throughout these roles, he has pioneered strategies for youth engagement and crime prevention; presented in youth-related forums particularly regarding youth-related crimes; and, created projects which focuses on establishing harmony between law-enforcement agencies and youth. Danny was also voted as President of PCYC Bankstown, wherein he was charged with the responsibility of establishing and overseeing programs which aimed to empower youth to reach their utmost potential. He has led youth mentor training for government and not-for-profit organisations, and is regularly called upon for direct intervention for intense and complex cases.


Danny's services within this area include:

    • Workshops for secondary and tertiary students
    • Crime prevention
    • Creating healthy relationships
    • Personal development
    • Legal advice
    • Employment training
    • Youth-engagement strategies
    • Drugs and alcohol