Danny Mikati


Successful thought leadership does not arrive with a published idea linked to a hope that someone will recognize brilliance. Establishing a firm or an individual as a thought leader requires consistent, diligent effort. Although thought leadership can and should have tactical elements that reveal the evolution of an idea from concept toward implementation, That should be about a big idea that changes how people perceive the world.

Danny Mikati is a former Sergeant in the NSW Police Force; recently resigned CEO of Bright Employment; and, currently heading up Australian Operations & Chief of Security at AusRelief, an Australian NGO.

Danny has spent over two decades working closely with a vast spectrum of organizations on social impact programs. He also has extensive experience working closely with most major organizations that cater to the Muslim community. He has played key roles in early intervention, advocacy, and numerous other strategic leadership strategies.

Domestic Violence

Throughout his time at the NSW Police Force, Danny has held several positions dealing with domestic violence. Danny is also a White Ribbon Ambassador. 


Danny has had a great impact on the development of youth-focused programs in the South-West Sydney Region. He continues to partake in forums and advise on youth-related matters. 


Danny has pioneered community programs and delivered talks on community engagement, family, youth, drug and alcohol action, empowerment & awareness.


A Bachelor of Science degree coupled with front-line experience with drug and alcohol related problems, Danny utilizes this knowledge to pioneer programs & provide counsel.


Danny was formerly co-CEO of Bright Employment which provided pre-employment training programs and work placement to an array of communities throughout Sydney.

Safety & Security

Danny has worked on security & safety-specific issues alongside local and international law enforcement agencies

Personal Development

Danny has lead, mentored and coached individuals and teams to reach their full potential. This included grooming leaders, mentoring volunteers and employees and more. 


Procedural Advice

Danny is well versed in the legal and criminal policies and procedures associated with the NSW Police Force. He now offers to advise on these matters.

Out of Home Care

As a specialist in Out of Home Care and Foster Care services, Danny has provided direct services to Government and NGOs since 2017.