Danny Mikati

Safety & Security


Danny’s 17 years within law enforcement allowed him to work on security and safety-specific issues alongside local and international law enforcement agencies including the FBI, DEA, and ATF. Within this time he served as a consultant to the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team of NSW, Police.

His completion of the CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) allowed him to deliver workshops to businesses in this arena. Through this, he completed hundreds of business and residential security assessments, as well as leading roles in multiple community safety audits and risk assessments. In 2007, he was appointed as Crime Prevention officer for Bankstown LAC.

As an experienced negotiator and mediator, Danny was often called to mediate between high-profile gang leaders and others. He also utilized this skill in other negotiating aspects including suicide and high-risk intervention.

Danny was selected to undertake training in a high-level, internationally recognized course in Terrorism Investigation, not only did he attain this qualification, but was invited the following year to instruct his own module on the course. Danny works alongside licensed professionals in the security arena to deliver quality services.

Additionally, Danny is a 6th Dan master in Taekwondo, specializing in self-defense techniques (armed and unarmed). He has instructed multiple law enforcement and military personnel.


Services in this area include:

    • DA applications
    • CCTV (in partnership with licensed providers)
    • Terrorism concerns
    • Crime prevention strategies
    • Personal safety
    • Violent extremism intervention strategies
    • Counter-terrorism
    • Workshops on safety and security for staff and employers
    • Self-defense workshops & personal training
    • Provide organizations advise on security concerns pertaining to financial transactions, day-to-day operations, ranging from local environments to conflict zones abroad