Danny Mikati

Out of Home Care

Phone: 0414 970 938
Email: info@dannymikati.org

Foster Care

Danny specializes in OOHC / Foster Care services. Since 2017 he has provided direct services to Government and NGOs catering to the Out Of Home Care arena in NSW.

Foster Carers:

Services to carers include;

  • Recruitment workshops/ Information Sessions

  • Cyber Safety Workshops

  • Shared Lives Shared Stories training

  • Arab and Islamic cultural support

Service Providers

Services available to Government and NGO accredited OOHC providers ;

  • Foster Care Assessments (Step by Step etc)

  • Carer Reviews

  • Allegations against employees investigations

  • Restoration Viability Assessments

  • Investigative interviews

  • Strategic Advice

  • Community Consultations

  • Recruitment

Phone: 0414 970 938
Email: info@dannymikati.org